As a family company, Nedlin focuses on the long term - on the future. Nedlin realizes that the world of tomorrow requires smart solutions to social, environmental, and economic issues.

As a family company, we strive to create meaning for our customers, our local environment, and our partners. We are committed to sustainable and social innovation and to reducing our ecological footprint by developing and deploying smart and efficient technologies. We do this together with our suppliers, our employees, our customers, and our stakeholders.

Together we perform better every day for the benefit of people, planet, and our company.

Sustainable Development Goals

The leaders of 193 countries developed and adopted seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that aim to end poverty, inequality, and climate change by 2030. The following SDGs play a crucial role in our CSR policy.

CSR objectives

CSR theme 1
Transparent supply chain

Transparency is the first step towards a more sustainable supply chain. Once this step has been taken, we can make the chain more sustainable together with our partners. To us, this means entering into honest partnerships with our chain partners. Our payment models are fully transparent, which means our customers always know what to expect.

  • In 2019 we made our entire chain transparent.
  • In 2020 we will have gained detailed insight into the strategic partnerships we wish to enter into in order to create a more sustainable chain.
  • In 2025 we will sustainably reuse all waste flows. 
  • In 2028 we will reuse 100% of the wastewater from our washing process. 

We've taken the following steps:

  • Develop a code of conduct for employees, suppliers, and partners. Read our Code of Conduct here.
  • Purchase raw materials with the smallest ecological footprint.
  • Implement a balanced scorecard to evaluate suppliers.
  • Develop a circular washing process.
  • Gain insight into the lifecycle of textiles.
  • Make 45,591 kg of rejected textiles and 23,900 kg of rejected clothing available for upcycling.

CSR theme 2
Energy efficiency

At Nedlin you will find the latest, smartest technologies in the European laundry industry. We are always looking for ways to make our laundry services more energy-efficient and to reduce our CO2 emissions.

  • In 2019 we used 100% green energy.
  • In 2028 we will reuse all water in our washing process.
  • In 2030 we will have reduced our energy consumption by 30%.
  • New business premises will be built in a climate-neutral way.

We've taken the following steps:

  • Participate in the Multi-Year Agreement 3.
  • Acquire ISO 140001 and ISO 50001 certification.
  • Calculate carbon footprint.
  • Use 100% green energy for Nedlin Healthcare and Hospitality.
  • Replace 50% of Nedlin Industry lighting with LED lights, with the remaining 50% to be replaced in 2019.
  • Wash at low temperatures using Cool Chemistry.
  • Reuse all residual water.
  • Significantly reduce energy consumption by purchasing new, self-learning centrifuges and dryers with infrared technology.
  • Save 25 million litres of water per year by filtering and reusing rinse water.
  • Install heat exchangers.
  • Install an osmosis device in boiler to reduce energy and water consumption.
  • Implement good housekeeping practices.

CSR theme 3
Smart logistics

We are committed to reducing the CO2 output of our fleet (both passenger cars and lorries) through the use of state-of-the-art technology. Our goal is to keep transactions to a minimum by using large and efficiently loaded units in our daily laundry transport. This can be achieved by making our deliveries as efficient as possible in terms of frequency and by arranging smart meetings with partners and clients.

  • In 2025 we will emit 25% less CO2.

We've taken the following steps:

  • Use sustainable Euro 6 lorries.
  • Use efficient double deckers for long distances.
  • Reduce fuel by 10-15% per kilometre driven thanks to Mobicoach.

CSR theme 4
Sustainable working environment

We are committed to continuous innovation in order to make work as ergonomic as possible for our employees and to offer them plenty of opportunities to work on their personal and professional development while maintaining good health. Our employees are a direct reflection of our society. Nedlin welcomes all hard-working go-getters regardless of sex, ethnicity, or religion. We make our employees feel at home by accepting and appreciating each other's differences and by encouraging open lines of communication.

We've taken the following steps:

  • Equal distribution of men/women in management teams.
  • Diversity of production teams.
  • Sheltered employment for people with an occupational disability.
  • Significantly shorter working hours thanks to new centrifuges and dryers.
  • Wide choice of fruit in the canteens.
  • Training courses that promote career development, talent development, and personal growth.
  • Smoking cessation course.
  • Dutch language course.

CSR theme 5
Responsible product range

Together with our suppliers and clients, we work hard to offer a responsible product range. Our process has been organized to allow for the optimum reuse of our products.

  • In 2019, all new Healthcare bath linens will be made from 100% organic cotton.
  • In 2020 we will develop a sustainable textile collection for Hospitality and Industry.
  • In 2025 our Healthcare linen line will made from 50% sustainable materials.

We've taken the following steps:

  • Replace the Nedlin Healthcare bath linens with 100% organic GOTS textiles.
  • Test sustainable clothing line among Nedlin Industry clients.
  • Introduce Öko-tex linens to Nedlin Hospitality clients.

CSR theme 6

Our employees help us demonstrate our involvement and commitment. They understand the needs of our customers and our local environment. Our healthy business operations make it possible to earmark funds for annual sponsoring at the corporate, client, and local level. 

  • Each year we make €25,000 available for charitable causes and local sponsorship initiatives.

We've taken the following steps:

  • Sponsor the United World College Maastricht each year.
  • Sponsor the BeterBoek, Toon Hermans Huis, and the local fire brigade.
  • Create a sponsorship budget for employees.
  • Partner with MVO Nederland (CSR Netherlands), Limburgse Werkgeversvereniging (Limburg Employers' Association), and Federatie Textielindustrie Nederland (Dutch Textile Industry Federation).

ISO 26000

An international guideline for implementing CSR in an organisation. After drawing up our 2018-2030 Sustainability programma, we wanted to reinforce our sustainability ambitions through the ISO 26000 certification.