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Every day presents new opportunities, new insights, and new energy. Every day we do everything we can to make your life easier. That way, the people working at your company can carry out their work safely, responsibly, and comfortably. At Nedlin the lines of communication are short, our services and products are top quality, and we deliver on agreements.

Our services are tailored

Nedlin provides tailored services. That means that we take the time to properly familiarize ourselves with your organization. You always have a single contact person at Nedlin: an experienced expert who gives you professional advice and acts as your sparring partner when it comes to choosing the right clothing and in the area of logistics processes. and someone who is familiar with the challenges you face and knows exactly what we can do for you based on our own production processes. That way, we can work together to find smart solutions.

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Clear and flexible

Day in, day out, Nedlin resolves complex logistical issues. To that end, we draw on our many years of experience in the industry.

We operate from a single location, which allows us to be extremely flexible. In addition to our ultra-modern laundry facilities and their highly-innovative machinery, this location also houses our clothing warehouse. That means that new clothing can be deployed efficiently and ensures short turnaround times. In addition, Nedlin manages all of its own transportation. Finally, since your contact person also works at this location, the lines of communication are short. We realize that certain situations require prompt action. When that happens, we are a partner you can rely on.

  • 100,000 items of clothing a week

    Every day we launder workwear and manage the complete logistics for major industrial companies in Belgium, Germany, and The Netherlands.

  • Modern machinery

    Our laundry facilities are equipped with the latest equipment and innovative technologies. We deliver quality and hygiene in a sustainable way.

  • 99.8% punctuality

    We deliver on our agreements. We do what we promise to do, our drivers arrive on time, and you always have enough stock.

Flawless service

Our company has been a well-known player among major industrial companies in The Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany for several decades. We provide a comprehensive range of services in the area of workwear and we rent and launder clothing for the chemical, automobile, food, pharmaceutical, packaging, and manufacturing industries. We provide an integrated clothing management service and offer smart logistics and distribution solutions. This will save you time and money.


Linen rental

Independent advice on your workwear

It is essential to choose the right clothing for a particular environment. Nedlin is a reliable partner when it comes to renting effective workwear. Nedlin has made the conscious decision not to have a standard collection. Every client is unique and we believe it is important for you to have complete freedom of choice when it comes to safety, hygiene, comfort, and the look and feel of your workwear.

Nedlin is not bound to any one party and can provide you with independent advice when it comes to designing clothing in your own house style.

You can also avail yourself of a clothing lease option. To this end, Nedlin has developed an extremely transparent system that combines the benefits of renting and buying clothing yourself.

Of course, all of the workwear we provide will comply with the applicable standards for your specific production environment. This includes anti-static, acid-resistant, and fire-retardant properties, as well as clothing that complies with the HACCP regulations that apply to the food industry. You can find more information on your specific market segment below.

  • Transparent, fair rental option
  • Independent clothing advice
  • Create your own design


Responsible laundry services

Thanks to our highly innovative industrial laundry facilities, among the most modern in Europe, we can ensure that your clothing comes out of the wash 100% clean. Furthermore, we can achieve this using only very little water, energy, and detergent. Click here <link innovaties techniek> to read more about our innovations in the field of technology.

  • Environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient washing processes
  • ISO 9001, 14001, and 50001 certifications


Guaranteed linen supply

Nedlin will fully manage your clothing package. We will arrange stock management, the introduction of new clothing, certified repairs, and the replacement of worn-out clothing. The clothing packages are managed and maintained at employee level.

Since we can issue clothing from our own warehouse, we can guarantee you short turnaround times. Thanks to our reliable track-and-trace system, we can monitor your clothing closely. You can also monitor your clothing in real time, using our online clothing portal. This portal also allows you to order or recall clothing and to set up transactions.


We love logistics

It’s the truth. At Nedlin we love smart logistical solutions. We manage all of our own transportation. That means we can closely harmonize our deliveries with your internal logistics processes. If you wish, we can implement the logistics on your premises, which includes the clothing issue wardrobe for your employees. Nedlin has a solution for every logistical challenge, from complex internal logistics processes to a suitable clothing issue system.

  • Nedlin manages its own transportation
  • Complete logistics solution with manual and automated clothing issue systems

Information system

Up-to-date clothing portal

Our clothing portal enables you to view various management reports at any time of the day. All overviews can be viewed online and you can easily download them. In addition, our system makes it easy for you to order clothing, sign employees in or out, and carry out other transactions in relation to your clothing stock. Finally, you can monitor employees’ individual laundry behaviour in real time. Nedlin offers complete transparency and gives you control over your company’s costs.

  • Up-to-date information 24 hours a day
  • User-friendly clothing portal
  • Maximum transparency

The Nedlin approach

Focus on quality

All of the services and products we deliver are characterized by our unique approach. You could call this the Nedlin philosophy. In this respect, quality is always our top priority. By continually looking for innovative solutions, we can work in a sustainable way.


High care – Food

Maximum hygiene

With Nedlin’s full-service food concept, your workwear will comply with the strictest hygiene requirements that apply to the food industry. To this end, we have set up a special high-care laundry process that ensures your food clothing is laundered separately. Your company’s clothing will be processed in batches, which means that different clients’ laundry does not get mixed together.

Furthermore, Nedlin adheres to stricter hygiene requirements than the national regulations.

  • Food clothing that complies with HACCP regulations
  • Special laundry processes for the food industry

High care – Pharmaceuticals

Hygienic and dust-free

With Nedlin’s full-service pharmaceuticals concept, your workwear will comply with the strictest hygiene requirements that apply to the pharmaceutical industry. Nedlin also gives you the option of having your clothing packaged dust-free, under clean-room conditions, in accordance with ISO class 7.

To this end, we have set up an innovative high-care laundry process that ensures your pharmaceutical clothing is laundered separately. Your company’s clothing will be processed in batches, which means that different clients’ laundry does not get mixed together.

  • Special high-care laundry process for the pharmaceutical industry
  • ISO 7 cleanroom

Chemical industry

Maximum protection

Protective clothing is of vital importance in the chemical industry. Nedlin provides clothing that complies with a range of standards, as well as the specific requirements that apply to your production environment. Take, for example, ISO11611, ISO11612, and IEC 61482 for fire-retardant properties, EN1149-5 for anti-static properties, and EN13034 as a protection against liquid chemicals.

Certain types of work require a high level of visibility. To this end, we offer clothing that complies with the EN 471 and EN ISO 20471 standards. We also provide clothing that is suitable for working at cold temperatures, which meets the EN 342 and EN 14058 standards.

We can provide all certified clothing in your house style and we will launder it in accordance with the set requirements. For example, we can reapply an acid-resistant finish.

  • Clothing with multiple certifications for all types of work
  • Special laundry process for protective clothing

Other industries

At home in every market segment

Nedlin works for all kinds of medium-sized and large industrial companies. For example, in addition to the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries, we also work for the paper, glass, and packaging industries. Another key group of clients is in the automobile industry.

Since our ultra-modern production location is set up to provide companies with tailored services, we have an appropriate solution for every company.

Other products

Everything from socks to doormats

Apart from clothing, Nedlin also supplies various complementary products that might come in handy for your company. For example, we have a wide variety of rented linen, including bath towels, tea towels, kitchen hand towels, and dishcloths.

We can also supplement your workwear with items like emblems, belts, socks, thermal clothing, and underwear.

Nedlin also supplies doormats and washroom items, so we can equip your washrooms with roller towel dispensers, soap dispensers, and air fresheners.

Of course, these products can also be designed in your house style, for example a mat featuring your logo or a hand-towel dispenser featuring a message from you.

“We aim to build long-term relationships. We are close to our clients.”

Esther Sprenger, Industry Business Manager

We are ready to assist you

There is more to Nedlin’s laundry services than washing alone. We also provide top-quality clothing and sustainable logistical solutions. However, our top priority is people - the people who can make a difference for you.

You can contact us at any time, even if you are not yet a client. It is very easy to switch to Nedlin. For example, you can keep your existing clothing package. Thanks to our experience and expertise, we can identify your needs and wishes in no time. We will then take care of the logistical side of switching to Nedlin without any hiccups. Request a consultation or carry out a quick scan to identify the main challenges facing your organization.

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Driven by progress

Innovation is in the DNA of this family business. This means that we do not just talk about things; we have been putting innovative ideas into practice for 65 years. Would you like to know more about the smart solutions we have come up with for the industrial sector?

Track & Trace

The arrival of the PC in the 1980s made it possible to process large quantities of data automatically. This development, in conjunction with the arrival of the barcode system, enabled Nedlin to become one of the first laundry services to track and trace its clothing. This made missing clothing a thing of the past.

At the time, Nedlin invested a lot in developing these new technologies even further. It spent a lot of time and energy on improving the dot code (later the barcode), clothing software, and the necessary readers. The challenge was to be able to trace the textiles individually and process them automatically, even after several washes. One important milestone was the creation of a sorting machine in 1987 that rendered the manual sorting of textiles obsolete.

In the 1990s, the use of the barcode was supplemented by the introduction of the industrial washable chip. This is now a multi-read chip that bundles all information and makes it possible to scan several items simultaneously.

We can use this system to identify what exactly enters and leaves the laundry facilities. Furthermore, every item of clothing can be meticulously sorted per carrier. We use our Track & Trace system as standard to process clothing and individual personal laundry.

Lease option

It can be expensive for a company or organization to buy their own clothing package. At Nedlin, you can avail yourself of a lease option, for which we have developed a transparent system that combines the benefits of renting and buying clothing yourself.

X-ray scan

If an object goes in the wash by accident, this can have unpleasant consequences. For example, a pen can stain an entire batch of clothing. In 2015, Nedlin became the first laundry service in the Netherlands to use an X-ray machine to automatically identify such objects. That way, they can be removed and accidents can be avoided. At Nedlin, all clothing is automatically scanned in full as a preventative measure.

Sophisticated dosing technologies

Nedlin has an ultra-modern dosing system. The detergent is dosed with extreme accuracy by so-called flow-controlled pumps. This means that the pump’s output is measured by the system’s operating system.

The pump is controlled by software to ensure that every wash cycle gets the correct dose. This is essential for a stable laundering process and the economical use of raw materials.