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Perform better together

Every day presents new opportunities, new insights, and new energy. Every day we do everything we can to make your life easier. That way, you can concentrate on what you do best: providing good health care. At Nedlin the lines of communication are short, our services and products are top quality, and we deliver on agreements.

Our services are tailored

Nedlin provides tailored services. That means that we take the time to properly familiarize ourselves with your organization. You always have a single contact person at Nedlin: an experienced expert who gives you professional advice and acts as your sparring partner when it comes to logistics processes, and someone who is familiar with the challenges you face and knows exactly what we can do for you based on our own production processes. That way, we can work together to find smart solutions.

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Clear and flexible

Day in, day out, Nedlin resolves complex logistical issues. To that end, we draw on our many years of experience in the health-care industry.

We operate from a single location, which allows us to be extremely flexible. At our ultra-modern laundry facilities, which boast highly innovative machinery, we can process 300,000 kg of laundry a week. Nedlin also manages all of its own transportation. And since your contact person also works at this location, the lines of communication are short. We realize that certain situations require prompt action. When that happens, we are a partner you can rely on.

  • 300,000 kg of laundry a week

    Every week we process 300,000 kg of laundry for large hospitals and health-care institutions in Belgium and the Netherlands. This includes 160,000 uniforms.

  • Modern machinery

    Our laundry facilities are equipped with the latest equipment and innovative technologies. We deliver quality and hygiene in a sustainable way.

  • 99.8% punctuality

    We deliver on our agreements. We do what we promise to do, our drivers arrive on time, and you always have enough stock.

Flawless service

Our company has been a major player in the health-care industry for several decades. We work for hospitals, care homes, nursing homes, mental health institutions and organizations that care for the disabled. We clean and rent linen, scrubs, and uniforms for our clients. We also provide personal laundry services for health-care institutions. Furthermore, we organize the management and complete logistics operations for your linen.


Linen rental

Independent advice on your textiles

Nedlin will provide you with a top-quality linen package. You can rely on us to rent linen, duvets, scrubs, and uniforms. At Nedlin, every client is unique. We do not take a generic approach. That means, you have complete freedom when creating your linen package.

We work closely with a number of manufacturers and suppliers that we choose on the basis of quality and reliability. Nedlin is not bound to any one party and can provide you with independent advice.

You can also avail yourself of a clothing lease option. To this end, Nedlin has developed an extremely transparent system that combines the benefits of renting and buying clothing yourself.

  • Extensive selection of linen and uniforms
  • A range of client-specific solutions
  • Transparent rental systems


Responsible laundry services

Thanks to our highly innovative industrial laundry facilities, among the most modern in Europe, we can ensure that your linen and clothing come out of the wash 100% clean. Furthermore, we can achieve this using only very little water, energy, and detergent. For example, did you know that we only need three litres of water per kilogram for a wash that would use an average of 20 litres of water per kilogram in the home? Thanks to our Process Guard system, we can monitor the microbiological condition of the laundry process in real time.

In the health-care industry, the microbiological condition of linen is extremely important. When it comes to hygiene, we do not take any risks whatsoever. That is why we adhere to a stricter standard than the national hygiene regulations.

  • Environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient washing processes
  • ISO 9001, 14001, 50001 and RABC certifications

Linen management

Guaranteed linen supply

We make sure that you always have enough linen at your disposal. Thanks to our efficient processes, our linen has quick turnaround times.

We set up the stock locations and set the standards for each stock location in consultation with you. That way, we make sure that there is always enough stock at each location. At the same time, we make sure there is not too much stock and this helps you save on costs.

Clothing management

Your clothing, our responsibility

We can fully manage your clothing for you, regardless of whether you buy your own clothing or rent it from us. We will maintain your stocks, make sure that your clothing is replaced on time, repair clothing where necessary, and establish a link with your clothing issue system. We will record all agreements jointly, in a transparent way, so that you will never be faced with any surprises.

We use chip technology, which means that you can check the turnaround times, wash cycles, and delivery data for your clothing at any time. You can access all of this information in real time via our clothing portal.


We love logistics

It’s the truth. At Nedlin we love smart logistical solutions. Nedlin will design the external and internal distribution structure in consultation with you to ensure that you always have enough linen at your disposal.

We manage all of our own transportation. Nedlin always makes its deliveries at set times, in accordance with fixed agreements, which means that our deliveries fit in seamlessly with your internal logistics processes. Depending on your unique situation, we will select the most efficient type of transport, using lorries, trailers, or LHVs.

If you need advice on your internal logistics processes, we would be happy to help. Nedlin has the solution to any logistical challenge, be it a suitable clothing issue system or more complex processes.

  • Nedlin manages its own transportation
  • All lorries are energy-efficient and comply with the Euro 6 emission standard
  • Fixed delivery agreements

Apps and web portals

Always up to date with the Nedlin app

Our management information system can provide you with an overview of your linen or clothing usage at any time of the day. You can access your current usage figures and adjust your preferences at any time using our web portal. You can also compare the usage figures for various departments or institutions within your organization. You can also use our information system to specify costs per cost centre or department. Nedlin offers complete transparency and gives you control over the costs of running your institution.

Our user-friendly app makes it easy for you to check the current linen stock levels and consult the usage history.

Our web portal also provides you with 24/7 access to all current details about your clothing supply. For example, you will always be able to check the latest statistics and we will provide you with full transparency about our processes. You can also use our web portal to easily sign employees in or out and to submit clothing orders.

  • User-friendly IT solutions
  • Up-to-date information 24 hours a day
  • Maximum transparency

The Nedlin approach

Focus on quality

All of the services and products we deliver are characterized by our unique approach. You could call this the Nedlin philosophy. In this respect, quality is always our top priority. By continually looking for innovative solutions, we can work in a sustainable way.



Top quality linen package

Nedlin offers you a top-quality linen package, with everything from towels to pillowcases and from bed sheets to bedspreads. In this regard, you can choose from a wide range of products. We update our linen products very frequently, which means that our products have a high level of quality.

  • Top-quality linen package
  • Customized packages


Comfortable bed-making system

Of course, we also supply duvets, usually in combination with jersey fitted sheets. Nedlin has a special production line that guarantees the quality and hygiene of your duvets. We would be happy to tell you more about this. If you choose our Medideck system, you can pick your own level of quality and colour scheme. Did you know that Nedlin was involved in the invention of this type of duvet for the home?


Attractive clothing

Your employees’ clothes are one of your organization’s main calling cards. At the same time, your employees need their clothing to be comfortable and functional in order for them to perform well. At Nedlin we understand this and we have a wealth of expertise in the field of presentable uniforms for care staff and all support services. We can provide you with independent advice so you can choose a clothing package that meets your employees’ wishes and matches your organization’s house style.


Don’t take any risks in the operating theatre

Nedlin proves that comfort and hygiene are not mutually exclusive. We offer all kinds of clothing and textiles for operating departments such as clean air suits and particle-free operating room blankets. We do not take any risks when it comes to the microbiological condition of the linen. That is why we adhere to a stricter standard than the national hygiene regulations.


In one go...

In addition to standard linen, Nedlin also provides incontinence products, disposable wash cloths, and cleaning cloths. We deliver these products to each department together with your regular deliveries. You will no longer need to worry about the logistics for these products, nor will you need to maintain a centralized stock.

Residents’ laundry

A personal system

Nedlin realizes how important it is for your residents to take care of their personal clothing. That is why we have developed a unique system for cleaning and managing personal laundry. This system makes it possible to monitor, sort, and deliver the laundry for each individual resident. We use a direct debit system to charge the costs directly to the residents of your institution. That means that your residents have a direct relationship with Nedlin. As such, they are guaranteed the best possible service and your institution has nothing to worry about it.

“From our point of view, every issue is unique. We do not take a generic approach.”

Andrea Meuwissen, Health-care Business Manager

We are ready to assist you

There is more to Nedlin’s laundry services than washing alone. We also provide top-quality linen and sustainable logistical solutions. However, our top priority is people - the people who can make a difference for you.

You can contact us at any time, even if you are not yet a client. It is very easy to switch to Nedlin. For example, you can keep your existing clothing package. Thanks to our experience and expertise, we can identify your needs and wishes in no time. We will then take care of the financial and logistical sides of switching to Nedlin without any hiccups. Request a consultation or carry out a quick scan to identify how your organization could benefit most from switching to Nedlin.

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Our references

We work for several organizations in the health-care industry. We have spent years working with these partners in order to perform better every day.

Driven by progress

Innovation is in the DNA of this family business. This means that we do not just talk about things; we have been putting innovative ideas into practice for 65 years. Would you like to know more about the smart solutions we have come up with for the health care industry?

Medideck system

In the 1990s, Nedlin and a number of its colleagues developed this medical variant of the personal duvet. Nowadays, it would be hard to imagine the health-care sector without this bed-making system.

The idea was a simple one: an easy-to-wash product that is a duvet and cover in one. The result is a hygienic, efficient solution for making beds. The bed can be made up and cleaned in an instant. In combination with a jersey fitted sheet, the Medideck makes life easy for nurses and is extremely comfortable for patients.

Nedlin has perfected the cleaning method for the Medidecks to ensure maximum durability and quality.

Process Guard

In 2012, Nedlin was one of the first laundry services in Europe to introduce a so-called Process Guard system. This system uses key parameters to monitor the microbiological condition of the wash in real time. This makes it possible to intervene in the process the moment a deviation is identified. This is an improvement on the classic measuring method, whereby a sample is tested and only 48 hours later is it possible to determine whether the wash was effective and killed all micro-organisms.

Track & Trace

The arrival of the PC in the 1980s made it possible to process large quantities of data automatically. This development, in conjunction with the arrival of the barcode system, enabled Nedlin to become one of the first laundry services to track and trace its clothing. This made missing clothing a thing of the past.

At the time, Nedlin invested a lot in developing these new technologies even further. It spent a lot of time and energy on improving the dot code (later the barcode), clothing software, and the necessary readers. The challenge was to be able to trace the textiles individually and process them automatically, even after several washes. One important milestone was the creation of a sorting machine in 1987 that rendered the manual sorting of textiles obsolete.

In the 1990s, the use of the barcode was supplemented by the introduction of the industrial washable chip. This is now a multi-read chip that bundles all information and makes it possible to scan several items simultaneously.

We can use this system to identify what exactly enters and leaves the laundry facilities. Furthermore, every item of clothing can be meticulously sorted per carrier. We use our Track & Trace system as standard to process clothing and individual personal laundry.

Internal logistics

Of course, as experts in the field of logistics, we have designed our own laundry facilities to be extremely efficient. To guarantee maximum hygiene, dirty and clean textiles are kept strictly separate at our facilities. Our efficient, automated order pick system means that we do not need a lot of packing positions and that your order is delivered to you as efficiently as possible. We also use a first-in-first-out system so that clean laundry, like sheets and other textiles, are not left lying around for long and you are always guaranteed to have fresh linen. You are very welcome to come and take a look at our company. We would be happy to give you a tour.